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Control You - Movement

Like Lust - Movement

This band is all I have been looking for and more. I don’t know what you Australians eat, drink, or do to continuously create such fantastic music, but whatever you’re doing keep it up. I could listen to this guy’s voice all day.

If you’re a fan of James Blake, The Weekend, or Ta-Ku, check Movement out. They’re on the rise.

Control You - Movement

Life Round Here (Remix) featuring Chance the Rapper - James Blake
And I thought this song couldn’t get any better.

Artist Spotlight: High Tyde

Hailing from the UK town of Brighton, the indie foursome formally known as High Tyde have received lots of attention as of late. Whether they’re selling out headline shows at Brighton venues The Haunt and Corncorde 2, being labeled as a “Band to Watch in 2013” by the BBC, headlining the Arundel Festival, or simply creating lovable, upbeat alt-rock tunes, it would be safe to say that these young rockers have a bright future ahead of them.

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Sex - The 1975

No Grey - The Neighbouhood

Artist Spotlight: The Neighbourhood

Remember last summer when I was obsessed with The Neighbourhood and their single Sweater Weather? (Only people who follow my Tumblr would actually know this, but whatever) After their first two singles dropped, I spent tireless hours scouring the web for information to use in an Artist Spotlight about the once clandestine band but only found few leads and the logo of an upside-down house. Soon thereafter, emerged the California-based band The Neighbourhood who took the world by storm with infectious hooks, Hip-Hop beats, and mellow Indie vibes with their number one alt-rock single Sweater Weather.

To read more of this Artist Spotlight, see some awesome pics, and preview my favorite The Neighbourhood tracks, click here.

Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife featuring SPZRKT - Sango

I’ve been searching far and wide for a refreshing style of music that would bring me back to my Chillwave days when I would lay under the window in my Boston brownstone during the summer feeling the breeze and relaxing in the moonlight  while I listened to the blanketed sounds of Washed Out and Toro Y Moi circa 2009 tracks. Musical artist Atu delivers those feelings and offers comfort to my 90s and 00s R&B nostalgia with his soulful samples, futuristic sound, melodic Hip-Hop beats, and Alt-R&B compositions. His latest 10-track album, Pictures on Silence, has served as the soundtrack for the better part of my summer and I’ve found it entertaining to recall which of my favorite R&B artists’ lyrics he samples in his tracks (i.e., he samples Alicia Keys’ song Diary, also known as one of my all time favorite songs, in his single The Duo featuring Sango).

Atu, whose name is commonly stylized as αtu, is set to release his new Least Said EP soon and offers a preview clip on the EP site that is sure to leave you wanting more. Whether you’re an Alt-Indie Pop fan, Soul/R&B enthusiast, or just a sucker for sexy piano melodies and smooth beats, Atu’s music is sure to satisfy all of your musical needs. Check out Atu’s SoundCloud stream to hear more of his music and purchase a digital copy of his Pictures on Silence album whose proceeds will go to the EveryChild organization. Also, follow him on Twitter to keep informed about his up-coming EP release.
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Brand new Active Child track off of his upcoming EP!

She Cut Me - Active Child

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Check out this stream of Washed Out's latest album Paracosm. It’s forty-one minutes of fantastic music

If you really love the album, make sure you support Washed Out by purchasing his record. After this preview, I’m definitely picking up a copy

New MGMT video!